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My TripAdvisor Review

I just returned from ten days on The Septic Isle, having managed to avoid it for ten whole months. Here is my review:

England is an ugly, battered and raw appendix and like an appendix its excision from anyone’s concerns is to be recommended. Bitterly high on the research chemicals of post-imperial hubris and its fumes that sallow any bid to remonstrate with conviction against the hardening right of its dominant ideologues, the parsimony of its mottled privilege leeches across all strata like the stain on a tubercular lung.

A lifeless crown whose jewels were long-privatized; an industrial quadriplegic drowning - not waving - in a sea of cost-cutting sewage, its most mendacious foreign export is halcyon nostalgia - a culture entrenched in amber uncracked for forty years. Even the satirists have given up.

***** - will never go again.


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